The challenge…

No I am not naked.

No I am not stripping for a living and this is not a bare all ‘Diary of a Call Girl’ style blog.

It is much much more mundane than that….this blog is about a moment when I had a flash of madness. A moment which I know I will regret many many time in the year ahead.

This is the moment of my madness….a beautiful Gite in France, I am unpacking my huge suitcase for the week alongside my other half and we talk about how much we have brought with us (him not much-me lots!). With 7 dresses, 4 beach dresses, 3 bikinis, 6 pairs of trousers, 3 pairs of shorts, a few skirts, a sarong, some kaftans, 4 cardies, more random t-shirts, vests, maxi dresses, leggings not to mention the new items of clothes purchased for a weeks holiday…..I have enough clothes for 3 months! To top it all off… what this list does not take into accounts is the wardorbe full of potential holiday clothes that I left behind at home…discarded in a heap of rejects in favour of newer models!

It was in this moment of madness that I said to my other half:

‘I have far too many clothes…I am going to set myself a challenge and not buy any clothes for a year.’

Yes a whole year. Ok so it is not ground breaking. Lots of people do this without thinking. Actually does anyone do this?? As a shopoholic  (I even buy clothes at the supermarket-that is the extent of my need to buy!) this is torture! But I realised that as  there are so many clothes I hardly wear, I really should not be buying anymore clothes! It is a time for frugal living without clothes!

So the rules…

  1. No new clothes for a year.
  2. No spending new money on clothes for a year.
  3. Only way to get any new clothes is by selling existing clothes and the money made may be reinvested in clothes.

(so I have a get out of jail card-the third rule…YES!)

Let the challenge begin!

10 days completed

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